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language learning on skypeSkype is one of the best ways to learn language. You can use video chat through skype to talk with people all over the world and practice your language. There are a lot of ways to find these people. You can join Skype language community (you can find great learning language group on Skypeclubs) or find new friends on Skype using Skype search egnine. I am using Skype from the beginning of Skype company history and I can say that it is one of the greatest of Internet inventions of 21 century. You can find people by location, gender or other properties. And it is awesome. So you have a great opportunity to make new friends on Skype and also try to language learning on Skype.

What do you think about it? And also join Language Learning group on Skype clubs =)

So this is list of language learning groups on SkypeClubs:

Learn Faroese - Group about Faroese by Marin

International Meeting Point - Group about different cultures by Marin

Danish - Group about culture of Denmark and language by Edgar

Learn Swedish - Group for those who wants to learn Swedish by Edgar

Learning Polish - If you want to learn Polish =) by Wojciech

English-French-Spanish-Learners - And THE BIGGEST group for Language Learning by Amy



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