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Warcraft GoldI was reading quite a Christian Louboutinsurprising blog post the other day, it was about someone buying gold in World of Warcraft. I can’t remember all the details but this was the main gist of the post. It was basically a post about a level 80 character who had just managed to get mbt shoeshimself banned for buying gold. His character was pretty high up in some guild or other, but the problem was he usually played the main tank in the Guild. wow goldNow being the ‘tank’ is not a problem in itself, in fact it’s kinda fun but you have to spend loads repairing your equipment and armour all the time.

instantly wiped out. We’re talking hundreds and hundred of hours of gameplay to get to that position. tiffany sale The blog continued with more bad news , the Guild ended up CHI flat ironfalling apart as there was a lot of disagreement in his characters replacement. Put yourself in his position , do you think it’s worth the risk as that fast track to a new mount or a new piece of armour. Nearly every single gold selling site I viewed says something like 100% safe, no risk gold buying .Cheap wow goldBut let’s be honest there’s no way you can say that unless you’re actually buying it from Blizzard themselves. Obviously putting or “you should be ok” on your site is not going to boost sales but that’s probably closer to the mark.

with millions of players and anything that threatens to manipulate the game or the environment would have to be controlled quite ruthlessly including banning any one caught buying gold. Seriously let that blog post stop you from making the same mistake, just play the game to enjoy it.Christian Louboutin shoesarcraft sellers is simpply not worth the problems. If you need Wow gold desperately then learn how to earn it quickly – there are many guides that help with WoW gold making. A decent gold farming method will make sure you keep your account safe, and minimise the boring gold

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